Five local independent pharmacies serving the Greenbrier Valley have received national accreditation illustrating their commitment to excellence in patient care. The Award of Accreditation from the Healthcare Quality Association on Accreditation (HQAA) is achieved only when pharmacies demonstrate the highest level of quality practices in their business operations and patient care techniques.

Greenbrier Medical Arts Pharmacy with locations in the Greenbrier Physicians Clinic, White Sulphur Springs and North Lewisburg; Union Pharmacy in Monroe County; and Western Greenbrier Pharmacy in Rupert, collectively known as Valley Independent Pharmacies, are the only local pharmacies in the area to achieve this high honor. Each of these community pharmacies earned the three-year accreditation after completing a comprehensive application and on-site inspection focused on patient safety, solid billing practices, customer service, ethics, overall pharmacy management, patient education and a commitment to excellence at all levels. Accreditation by HQAA also assures Medicare and other payers that the highest levels of quality are practiced within all areas of the company.

According to the HQAA Accreditation Report, “the employees at Greenbrier Medical Arts Pharmacy, Union Pharmacy and Western Greenbrier Pharmacy are extremely friendly, pleasant, and honest. Exceptional customer service was witnessed throughout the survey and at every location. Strong leadership was evident and the employees exhibited dedication and passion for organizational culture, which is customer-centered and quality-focused.”

Founded in 2005, the Healthcare Quality Association on Accreditation seeks to continuously set quality standards on behalf of pharmacies, the durable medical equipment industry and business owners.