Greenbrier Medical Arts Pharmacy at RCB

We’re aren’t just your Lewisburg pharmacy, we also operate pharmacies throughout all of Greenbrier County and Monroe County, WV

Located at Robert C. Byrd Clinic, East Wing * Lewisburg

Mon-Fri: 8:30 AM – 6:00 PM
Fax: 304-647-9773

Customer service is a top priority and we take great pride in building personal relationships with our patients. We understand that customers have other things to do besides wait for medicine, so prescriptions are filled quickly and efficiently. This pharmacy location is our main compounding pharmacy. Pharmacist Rob Londeree specializes in topical pain creams and gels, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, transdermal gels for nausea, wound care creams and medication flavoring for pediatric patients and pets. We also stock a large selection of braces and supports.


Greenbrier Medical Arts Pharmacy at RCB also specializes in custom compliance packaging, including Medicine-on-Time, multi-dose med packs and even 7-day medication boxes. If you need help managing your medications, we have a solution for you!